Guarantee Room Availability & Instant Confirmation

January 2009

Guarantee Room Availability & Instant Confirmation

After the recent launch of Google Maps Application on Thailand hotels, now HotelThailand is ready to introduce a new hotel booking feature; Guarantee Room Availability & Instant Confirmation. This special program offers immediate room availability at over 550 accommodations all over Thailand to ensure our customers can book an available room and complete their online reservation in just a matter of minutes!

HotelThailand is well aware of how fast the rooms in those top cities come and go, especially during long weekends and peak seasons - that's why we have wide range of destinations available for this feature including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Samui.

Hotel Flexinet System

So not only the rooms are guaranteed, Last Minute Rates are readily available through our Flexinet system. In most cases, urgent reservations are extremely hard to confirm. However, Flexinet allows the participated hotels to have more flexibility in releasing their available rooms at the very last minute and this real-time system has proven to be successful particularly during holiday periods. In other words, if you fail to find availability elsewhere, we always have a handful of rooms to offer even if your check-in date is tomorrow. But make sure you know that last minute room rates may vary depending on the hotels which could be slightly lower or higher than our website published rates. Whenever you see the crossed out selling price THB 1,770, it means that your will benefit from our cheaper Flexinet rate.

Below is a list of Thailand Cities with Guaranteed Room Availability;

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